Dynamic Receivables

Our Process

Open Scan's Dynamic Receivables solution automates your process with the following four steps:


Payment information comes into the systems through various importers such as lockbox, scanning, and electronics.

Read more about the importers.


Engines work in the background to correlate decoupled payments, extract information from images, match invoice line items with open receivables, and identify deductions.

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This is the exception processing interface that presents work for users to complete, including manual balancing and matching.

Read more about the receivables workspace.


Based on the clients' needs, the exporters send the validated data to the ERP, any outstanding deposits to the bank, and images and data to the receivables archive.

Read more about the exporters and reports.

Benefits of Dynamic Receivables

  • Reduction in lockbox and employee costs
  • Elimination of keying costs
  • Electronic payment processing
  • Faster and more accurate cash application
  • Any B2B payment type from any source
  • Same-day posting
  • More transparency
  • Deductions management
  • Process improvements
  • Improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Diagram of the Receivables Platform

Dynamic Receivables platform diagram


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